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Our e-magazine creator is engineered to facilitate seamless navigation and optimal readability, offering a superior design experience for creators aiming to reach every reader. We prioritize intuitive interfaces and user-friendly features, enabling the production of content that is accessible to a broad audience. Today's tools for creating e-magazines have gone from being simple and easy-to-understand services to becoming overly complex and time-consuming. Additionally, they are burdened by logins and costly subscriptions. All as a result of increasing competition that has not benefited customers in any way. We advocate a return to simplicity, ensuring that basic functionalities are not disrupted by an excess of seldom-used features. So instead...

you will get this...

• Lifetime Ownership!
• Web-Based Design Tool: Instant start with intuitive interface. Try now.
• Unique Archive Feature: You won't find this anywhere else. Learn more...
• Up to 365 e-magazines per folder with an unlimited amount of folders
• Up to 365 pages per e-magazine (single-page or spread viewing)
• User-Centric Interface and Reader-friendly Focus.
• Offline Design: Create and present e-magazines offline
• Optional(!) MacOS app for easier PDF to JPG conversion
• From PDF to publication in one minute (when reusing template).
• From PDF to publication in three minutes (new publications).

...and avoid this:

• Mandatory logins, memberships, and licenses
• High monthly fees
• Limited functionality in free versions
• Restrictive time-limited demos
• Cluttered design tools with excessive buttons and menus. Try this instead
• A plethora of templates that fail to meet specific needs
• Required app or software installations
• Provider branding in layouts, removable only at a cost
• Lost control over your files. Learn more...
• Page-turn effects. This is why we should avoid them.

THIS IS UNIQUE TO OUR PRODUCT: In addition to our unique design tool, we provide you with an unique archive feature which requires no database or special custom installations at your web host. The archive is generated directly in your e-magazine, which is unique for this type of product!

SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES have long offered obvious benefits by allowing customers to upload PDF files to them. Much is still relevant, while some benefits have become obsolete. This is especially true with the technological advancements made in other areas. Learn more...

CONVERT PDF TO JPG: Drag and drop your PDF files onto our app included with your purchase (MacOS Catalina or later). It requires no installation. Or convert your PDFs with this amazing PDF to JPG converter!

NOTE! The example below is just one of countless opportunities for personal design.
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NOTE: Our design tool is developed for non-handheld devices in desktop mode, and available for visual use as a sandbox on tablets.

Only three minutes from start to goal!