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Frequently Asked Questions

How can your product be so affordable?

This is due to several factors. The main factor is that we do not have any costs for storage and backup of files or databases. We also do not need to consider the additional development costs of outdated software or licenses to maintain functioning technology. This is because our e-magazine creator is entirely web-based. Since we only charge on one occasion, there is also no need for storing sensitive customer data. We do not even use cookies.

What type of database does your archive service use?

None. The archive is generated the moment you press the (A) button in your e-magazine. The archive simply does not exist before then. Therefore, there is no need for a database to store the archive. That's what makes our product so unique.

Why do you only offer conversion software from PDF to JPG for Mac?

Our app for converting PDF to JPG is a so-called Automator app, which means its function is based on system-established code directly from Apple. Unfortunately, this is not offered in the same way in the Windows environment, and since our service is based on the premise of not offering technology that risks becoming obsolete prematurely, we have chosen not to develop this type of app for Windows. Therefore, we currently refer to PDF Shelters service that offers essentially the same thing for both Mac and Windows users. Of course, you can use any software suitable for the purpose to produce your images.

Which devices are your products compatible with?

Our e-magazines work responsively with hardware that is at least six years old, i.e., mobile phones, tablets, and computers that can be updated with the latest versions of the most common web browsers on the market. Our test environment consists of Android Studio and Apple Xcode 15 Simulator. If you are unsure, use our test magazine available on the homepage. .

I sometimes find your archive function slow on mobile. Why is that?

This is most likely because your archive is starting to get too large when using JPG files. We recommend saving the first page of your magazines with higher compression or exclusively using WebP for all your projects. An archive with 50 e-magazines may need to download about 50 Mb of data to your mobile phone, and with a slow connection, it can become slow. However, this is not unique to our service but a common problem when many images need to be fetched at the same time.

How is it possible that I can use your product offline when it is web-based?

This is simply because, instead of uploading your e-magazines to your web hosting, you can save them locally on your computer and open them in your web browser. Since our e-magazine creator also comes with an offline package, you can create your e-magazines without needing to be connected to the internet. However, keep in mind that in this case, you cannot use background images because they are not stored locally on your computer. Also, remember that you cannot open your locally saved e-magazines directly from a zip file. You need to first extract the content from the zip file to, for example, your computer's desktop.