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Which operating system do I need?

It largely doesn't matter, because you don't need to install any apps or other software. Everything is web-based. However, there is a slight difference - on Windows, we do not offer conversion from PDF to JPG. Instead, we recommend the service of PDF Shelters service which currently provides unlimited and fast conversion from PDF to JPG. This service might even be a better option than our MacOS app as you can set the resolution in their interface. Always choose at least a 200% enlargement. Our app is primarily designed for you to convert your PDFs offline. So, if you're using Windows, remember to convert your PDFs to JPG (or WEBP) before you start working offline. This is the only difference between MacOS and Windows.

Our MacOS app only converts PDF to JPG, but our recommendation is that you use the WEBP file format (from Google) if you have the option. WEBP has become such a competent file format that we no longer need the former advantages of the PDF format in terms of readability on screen. The lossless and powerful compression of the WEBP format, along with ever-improving screen technology, means that there is no longer any reason to implement the vector graphics of the PDF format to achieve fully readable text with good quality with today's modern screens.